7 Tips To Protect Your MacBook From Hackers

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There is a common misconception in the hardware market around Apple products. While they are built to be safer against data hacks and breaches, they are not impregnable.

Not accepting and acknowledging this is the cause of many hacks and common scams that we have witnessed in this scene. Fortunately, people are starting to see the light in this regard.

However, it is one thing to know that your device is not impermeable – and another thing to know how to protect your MacBook computer.

In this article - 7 Tips to Better Lockdown Your MacBook Against Hackers - we discuss general and specific security tips to keep your Mac units as secure as possible. You will learn how to protect your MacBook from hackers and theft.


1. Use Standard Accounts More

When setting up a new Mac, the computer asks you to create a username and password. This first account is the admin account and should never be your daily driver.

The admin has the right to install software, add/ delete/ modify sensitive files, and grant certain access to apps and other software. A standard account, on the other hand, does not come with all those rights.

Thus, open another user account – as standard – and use that for work instead. Whenever you need to perform any admin tasks, the system asks you for your username and password.

This prevents anyone else from making changes to your computer if they do not know the admin password. Likewise, it serves as a check for you to think twice before making certain choices.

2. Standard Password Habits

There are a lot of things to discuss under password habits, so we are going to make mention of them all here.

For starters:

  • Never set your Mac to log in automatically. That allows anyone with physical access to boot up your system and get access to all of your files
  • Use a password generator to come up with highly secure passwords
  • Download a password manager to store all of your unique passwords
  • Enable 2FA for added security where you can
  • Never share your passwords with anyone. If you must, it should not be the admin password

3. Updates/ Upgrades

Apple is one of the companies with a decent software update policy – which is why many users love them anyway.

A number of these updates are there to bring on new features. Most times though, they are there to correct a security flaw that might be exploited by hackers. The same is true for software and app updates that come your way.

That is why we recommend always downloading and installing your updates as soon as they make the bow into the market. If you do not mind, set your device and apps to update automatically as soon as they are connected to the wireless network.

Speaking of network connections…

4. Secure your Network

There are a series of steps and practices involved in securing your network.

A user’s internet network streams data about what they are doing when connected. If this data should fall onto the wrong hands, it could be mined for passwords, visited websites, and such other sensitive information. That is why you should never let it get into the wrong hands in the first place.

Some of the tips that help best in this regard include, but are not limited to:

5. Firewalls? Go Two-Way

Apple does not want to take any chances with their device users' security, so they have already approved inbound firewall protection to most units. There is only so much that this can protect against, though.

The inbound firewall prevents malware from registering on the device at all. If there is already an internal malware in the system, though, you want to prevent it from connecting to the internet till you can root it out and clean it. That is where an outbound firewall comes into the mix.

The importance of outbound firewalls greatly outweighs that of the inbound counterparts in most cases. They quickly alert you to apps which you downloaded and are now trying to connect to the internet when they should not be making such moves at all.

6. Install Trackers

No one plans for their device to be stolen. Still, research says that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

We could argue that there are a lot of laptops in the world for that stat to go round, but that does not mean leaving things to chance either. This is where trackers come in.

You can check through different recommendations for Mac trackers which do the job best. Some of them allow you to do more than just track your devices in the case of a loss, so be sure to check out what they do to get the best one for yourself.

7. Manage your Location Settings

There are some apps on your MacBook that should be allowed access to your location. We can understand why the likes of Uber and a weather app would need such access, anyways. What we will not understand is why a document reader will insist on knowing your location also.

Fortunately, you are not powerless against putting such apps in their place.

Head into the settings dashboard to tweak how your location services are being used. The best thing about this stage is that you can even make the apps only use your location when they are open.

This is great for apps like Uber – since you only need them to know where you are when you need them anyways.


Start Getting Secure Today

There is no better time than today to start beefing up your Mac security.

While every MacBook packs a robust security profile out of the box, your efforts help to lock down your system even better. Now, hackers will have a hard time getting into your computer or accessing any of your personal, sensitive data.

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