Best Unlocked Smartphone Under 200

Most smartphones have quickly become more expensive in the marketplace, and for anybody on a budget, those steep prices can quickly induce a headache. Happily, cheap smartphones continue to be plentiful, with much more excellent options to choose from than ever before. If you want a new cell phone but only have $200 to spend, this guide is for you, because we are going to be reviewing the top five best unlocked smartphones under 200.

The Top 5 Best Smartphones Under 200

Nokia 4.2

If you’d like a new Android cell phone and only have about $200 to spend, our recommendation is the Nokia 4.2. Nokia continues to dominate the lower priced cell phone markets during the last few decades, and the 4.2 represents the best overall value you can buy in this budget.

Taking a Peek at the Nokia 4.2, it's fairly admirable how many attributes Nokia managed to cram into such an inexpensive device. It has double 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel rear cameras which take pretty good pictures, a dedicated button for bringing up the Google Assistant, and a microSD slot for expanding the 32GB of internal storage up to 400GB.

Another huge win for the Nokia 4.2 is its own software experience. The phone is powered by Android One, and this ends in a few enormous advantages. For starters, the general user interface is clean and simple to navigate. It's a similar experience to what you'd find on Google's Pixel phones and is not bogged down with unnecessary temptations anywhere you look.

An overall excellent phone for the price. 


Double rear cameras

Google Assistant button

Clean Android One program


Just 2GB of RAM

Moto G7 Play

Motorola's Moto G-series has been amongst the popular for funding Android cell phones, and at the moment, one of the best phones under $200 is the Moto G7 Play. Yes, this has a far larger notch compared to the 4.2 and A10e, but there is a great deal here that makes the G7 Play interesting.

With each telephone Motorola releases, among the powerful suits Is the software expertise. Together with all the G7 Play, that is no different. Along with a fresh and snappy interface, you get Motorola's suite of applications add-ons, including Moto Display (a fantastic always-on-display feature) and Moto Actions -- allowing you to transfer the phone into a chopping gesture to automatically turn on the flashlight and twist it to start the camera. In daily use, these are a whole lot of entertaining and genuinely helpful features.

We also love the phone has expandable storage up to 512GB, uses a USB-C interface to charge, and operates on all important U.S. carriers. Motorola has a notoriously terrible history rather than pushing out software updates in a timely fashion to its phones (if at all), an excellent phone if you are strapped for cash.


Push-to-talk Alexa button

Motorola's excellent software

Storage is expandable

Reputable processor


2GB of RAM

Bad future for software updates

Large notch

Xiaomi Mi A3

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is the first international telephone on our list, and when buying an international telephone, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You do not get a warranty with your purchase since it's not officially sold in the U.S., and when used with T-Mobile or AT&T, some missing LTE bands imply you may not have as great of a sign in large buildings or rural places. Those two caveats aside, though, that the Mi A3 is still a compelling phone.

One of the big attractions to the Mi A3 is its camera bundle. You Receive a total of three cameras, such as a 48-megapixel primary lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, along with a 2-megapixel depth sensor for portrait shots. Low-light photos don't possess as much detail as we would like, but images taken with considerable lighting seem fantastic. The ultra-wide camera can be a lot of fun to use, also Xiaomi incorporates AI to help your pictures look as good as possible each and every moment. For the cost, this really is a fairly remarkable phone.


Premium glass design

Great triple rear cameras

Excellent battery life

3.5 Millimeter headphone jack


The in-screen fingerprint sensor is poor.

Limited LTE support in the U.S.

Nokia 2.2

None of the mobiles on this list are considered to be expensive, but if you are trying to spend the least amount of money possible, the Nokia 2.2 is right for you. You do make some sacrifices for reaching such a low price point, but at the end of the day, it is definitely worth thinking about.

In comparison to the other phones on our list, the Nokia 2.2 is on the other side of things with a 5.71-inch display. This makes it quite simple to navigate with one hand, and that is not something you can say about a great deal of phones which are released nowadays. There is also a Google Assistant button and an expandable storage up to 400GB.

The Nokia 2.2 does not come with a fingerprint detector and Uses a diminished MediaTek processor, and that's where it's ultra-low cost makes itself known. A solid phone for a cheap price.


Easy to use in one hand

Clean software with Android One



No fingerprint detector

Lackluster processor


ZTE BLADE Z MAX Z982 (32GB, 2GB RAM) 6.0" Full HD Display, Dual Rear Camera, 4080 mAh Battery, 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone w/ US Warranty (Black)

The ZTE Blade Z Max is an unlocked smartphone that is compatible with not just U.S but international carriers as well. The 16MP camera makes great for taking photos and recording videos. This phone also comes with a 32GB memory that is expandable with an SD card and expands to 128GB. This device also comes with enhanced security with the included fingerprint sensor and a long-lasting battery to ensure that you can enjoy your device all thought the day.


Expandable SD Card

Long-lasting battery

Fingerprint sensor 


Phone can get hot

Can freeze if too many apps are open


What To Look for When Choosing the Best Unlocked Smartphone for Under 200


Of course, if you are shopping for a phone and you’re on a tight budget, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the cost. Usually when it comes to cell phones you get what you pay for in terms of quality but if you take the time and do your due diligence, you can most definitely find a phone that has the necessary functions you need while not breaking the bank. 

Comparing and contrasting different prices on the internet have become much easier than it used to be. Using a chrome extension like Honey will automatically pull the lowest prices on the internet for you with just the click of a button. 


When you are working with a budget of $200 for a cell phone, you are going to be limited to the number of features available. The best thing to do in this case is to start with some features that you absolutely need and then work your way down the list to the features that you need the least. The more features your phone has, more than likely the more it’ll cost but it's not about how many features your phone has, it's about having the ones that are most important to you. Some important features are user interface, camera clarity, security features like fingerprint detection and face recognition. It is unlikely that you’ll be able to find most of these features in a lower priced phone but having the basic password lock and a decently fast interface can most definitely get the job done.


Depending on how much you plan on doing with your phone will determine how much storage you need. Is this phone just used for recreational purposes or is it used for business? Phones that are around the $200 price point will have around 2GB of RAM which is not a lot, especially if you’re consistently taking pictures, downloading documents or plan to have a lot of apps on your device. Something you may want to consider is looking for a phone that has an option for expandable storage. Also an app like Google Photos can help give you some extra storage space by allowing your photos to be saved to the cloud. 

Battery Life

Having a decent amount of battery life is something you’ll want to take into consideration no matter how cheap your device is. Look for a phone that is able to be charged for just a few hours but still able to maintain an extended battery life. Having a battery that is properly optimized to last long despite activities that could drain your battery like social media browsing, connecting a bluetooth or playing games is something you should look into before you even purchase your device.


Just a couple decades back, $200 couldn't buy you a lot in the manner of a quality phone. In 2019, however, it's quite surprising how many choices you have even if you’re on a tight budget. From everything that is now available, we think the very best Android phone below $200 is the Nokia 4.2.

For the average person buying a new phone, the 4.2 is exceptional. The screen looks great, functionality is good enough for routine use, and you benefit from features like double back cameras, a Google Assistant button, and the elite Android One software experience.

The other phones on this listing are definitely worth checking out, also, but if you would like to keep matters easy, proceed with the Nokia 4.2. We believe you'll be really happy with it.