Best Smartphones for Seniors

It’s unfortunate but true: technology tends to leave seniors . Older folks find it even more challenging to embrace new technologies, and together with the cell phone industry on the forefront of emerging technology, some seniors find them simply too difficult to use.

Can Grandma and Grandpa seem flabbergasted from the Newest iPhone? Can they think an Android is the metal trash can from "Lost In Space?" It's time to choose them under the arm and direct them in the contemporary age. The phones listed below should be enough to convince them that smartphone technologies is not all that frightening.

The Top 5 Best Smartphone for Seniors 

Google Pixel XL

Yes, the very first phone in Google's flagship range may have already received its last big Android software update, but as a way of getting older people acclimatized to the ways of true stock Android, the Google Pixel XL stays the best choice.

First of all, it is not too costly and is listed at an excellent price considering the electricity onboard. It has a big 5.5″ display squeezing in 1440 x 2560 pixels, ensuring everything is nice and clear for eyes that are faded, and its own 12.3 MP camera is sure to dazzle anyone who uses it. UI components like icons and font size may be raised for convenience.

The previous Android program upgrade the Pixel XL received was Android 9.0 Pie, which remains the hottest Android variant in the time of writing. That usually means that seniors may get all of the bells and whistles of Android that anybody else will. Why does this matter? Because the inventory Android UI is among the very user-friendly and will help familiarize elderly people not just with using this specific cell phone, but using the Android OS as a whole.


Voice Assistant 

Big screen, clear resolution

32GB/128GB internal storage, no card slot



Can have some issues with the speakers


Jitterbug Smart2

The upgraded version of this Jitterbug Smart 2 remains in the vein of its predecessor, with a sizable 5.5-inch 720p display and big, bold interface components making it easy to use for those whose fingers are not as graceful as they were. It's not the fastest of mobiles, however, the GreatCall UI is designed for accessibility rather than gambling, and therefore , it does its job very well.

There are many programs you'll be able to find that include extra services such as nurse contact lines, the choice for family members to monitor you from your telephone's places, and much more. The camera is pretty decent for a phone like this too, which means that your grandpa will be able to dabble in the joys of photography and possibly social sharing without pictures looking as though they were processed via a 90s games console.


5.5-inch display with HD resolution

3,000 mAh battery

Hearing aid-compatible -- M4/T4 rating

Affordable Nationwide coverage 


Tech support is not very helpful 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Though this list features loads of phones dedicated to those unfamiliar with phones, there's no reason why the older generation should not have a normal powerful handset like the rest of us.

Whilst splashing on the latest Samsung flagship may be somewhat much, the Galaxy Note 5 remains a superb smartphone which may be picked up for an affordable price nowadays. Crucially, it comes with a large, lively 5.7-inch monitor and a stylus. (After all, everyone over the age of 60 is probably more comfortable with a pen than a touchscreen).

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 5 has an"Easy Mode" making everything on the display bigger and better, cutting out many of the intricate UI features and letting you customize it.


32 GB Memory

Pen included

16 megapixel camera


Radio can have a hard time maintaining LTE signal

Can get hot



The ZTE VZW-Z839PP Blade Vantage prepaid Verizon locked cell phone that is listed as Verizon’s first LTE-only prepaid smartphone which makes it great for seniors because it’ll cost a lot less than a non prepaid device. The ZTE comes with a vivid 5-inch screen and a long-lasting removable battery. The highly durable outer frame can handle being dropped multiple times while the bright colors make it perfect for watching Netflix and enjoying other streaming options. Simple, yet extremely high-quality and perfect for seniors.



Vivid colors



Locked with Verizon

Processor is slower than other similar models

Emporia Smart

The Emporia Smart includes a special union of old and new. The Android smartphone has a touchscreen which can be overlaid with a keypad cover. This cover allows those who want a more visible experience to dial and text while utilizing a physical keypad. If at a subsequent date the consumer warms up to the touchscreen, the keypad cover can be completely removed.

Emporia Smart's user interface includes big buttons and a very simple menu for effortless navigation. Lastly, the phone comes with a stylus for people uncomfortable with touch-based navigation. Despite some intriguing characteristics that people do not normally connect with contemporary smartphones, the Emporia Smart does not have the top specs. That said, simplicity of use is the major draw for this one.


4.5-inch screen with a 960 x 540 resolution

1.2 GHz dual-core processor

Hearing aid-compatible -- M4/T4 Score



Only good for light activity


The Top 5 Components To Look for When Choosing the Best Smartphones for Seniors


Making sure that a phone is durable, especially when shopping for one that will be used by a senior is utterly important. You’ll find the durable phones will have a tougher outer shell and a screen made of plastic rather than glass. One way to increase durability is to get a high-quality case that comes with a screen protector and has shock-absorbing capabilities. 

Some problems that can occur with cases from time to time is the case not allowing you easy access to your ports. Checking the case dimensions and other customer reviews will help in determining exactly what case is just right for your. Also, taking water-resistance into account is also important to the overall durability of your phone.


Battery Life

Having extended battery life is important because it enables you to successfully spend hours on your phone without having to repeatedly charge it, which can be harder for an older person if it involves bending down. Checking to see how long a battery can last in standby vs when it is being actively used are two very important specifications. 



Having a smooth and seamless interface is more important with seniors than any other demographic. Having a great user-experience for a senior means that they can easily navigate around the phone with minimal effort, the screen and apps are big enough for them to easily read, the speaker is loud enough for them to hear and has helpful features like Voice Assistant that can help them even more easily navigate around their phone. 


Emergency Features

Smartphones are now coming with more and more emergency features that can assist in caring for an elderly loved one. Checking for features such as emergency contacts and even an SOS button that alerts the emergency contacts and authorities when it is pressed. Having a feature like a GPS is also something to consider just in case there is ever an emergency and your eldelry loved one needs to be tracked. 



Choosing the best smartphone for a senior is not difficult, you just need to know exactly what to look for. While most phones are vetted on the same features like display and usability, when it comes to seniors you should be looking for a different set of features like battery life, durability, interface and emergency features. All of these specific features cater specifically towards seniors and will make their smartphone experience much less intimidating.



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