Best Smartphone for the Money

We have taken all of the affordable phones we've reviewed over the last year and rated them to allow you to discover the ideal smartphone to match most people's requirements and price range.

Therefore, if you are on the watch for a cell phone that will not break the bank, you're in luck. The main reason is that cheaper phones have improved significantly over the past few years. Businesses have made good strides in incorporating top-end innovations into affordable handsets, meaning now you can get a phone that performs well and is more budget-friendly. 

In this guide we break down our in-depth list of the best smartphone for the money

The Top 5 Best Smartphones for the Money

Xiaomi Redmi Notice 8


This relatively new Chinese manufacturer isn't one of the better known versions but it's high in the listing, and that is because if you're looking for a killer camera but you are on a particularly limited budget, the Redmi Note 8 provides astounding value for the money. Xiaomi's own MIUI 10 program does weigh the phone down marginally, but, besides that, this phone is well-rounded.

The blockbusting 48-megapixel primary camera (which is supported with a 5-megapixel depth module) is a real highlight. The sensor is exactly the exact same as you would find in everything in your Motorola One Vision into the OnePlus 7 Pro and, while there's no optical image stabilization (OIS) to talk about this, as on more expensive handsets, it is a superb snapper setup all the exact same. A Major camera in a small price


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Impressive performance
  • Great display


  • No NFC
  • Mono speaker
  • Busy interface

Moto G8 Plus

An excellent all-rounder for below $300

Occupying a place in Motorola's next G-series line-up of all 2019, the Moto G8 Plus is currently the best phone you can get for under $300 and it's another Moto that is performed well in our evaluations.

You receive a sophisticated mixed metal and glass telephone for your money, that looks and feels more expensive than most rival handsets at the same price point.

You have got a great 6.3-inch screen on the front with powerful color gamut coverage combined with three camera sensors on the trunk. This unites a 48-megapixel, f/1.7 primary, 16-megapixel ultra-wide and 5-megapixel depth parts. It takes excellent images with vibrant colors and excellent focus.

There is a 4000mAh inside, 15w quickly charging and also a competent Snapdragon 665 chipset paired with a 4GB RAM.


  • Good value for money
  • Fantastic speakers
  • Ticks most of the boxes for people Searching for a budget telephone


  • Not a huge update on the G7 Plus
  • Camera has a few annoying limitations

Xiaomi Mi 9

A Legitimate flagship version at half the cost

This list is generally composed of phones under #350. We feel that's a fair price and a value proposition we are delighted to call 'funding'. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is the exception however, and we just had to add it here as it has such great value for the money despite the fact that it is a bit more expensive than our other options.

This cell phone is equivalent to a version that prices double that. It has the hottest Snapdragon 855 chipset, a 6.4-inch OLED screen, three detectors -- including a 48-megapixel major detector -- and rapid wireless charging. You won't find those kinds of specs provided in any other phone in this price.


  • Great performance
  • Great display
  • Versatile camera
  • Stunning value


  • No IP score

Moto G7 Power

Battery life for days

The Moto G7 Power represents unbelievable value for the money and boasts one of the longest-lasting batteries we have ever examined. In addition, it has a rather wonderful layout and its functionality won't leave you longing for additional oomph and it still comes in at under $200.


  • Extended battery life
  • Excellent interface
  • Good functionality


  • Bluetooth connectivity issues

Low quality Wi-fi connectivity at times


Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is an unlocked smartphone that has that has an interface that is extremely easy to use and comes with a sim card. For the price of this phone, the battery life is fantastic while the SD card can expand the storage from 32GB to 256GB. 8MP main camera is useful for taking clear photos and the Android 8.1 software makes this device run smoother than ever. 


  • Expandable SD Card
  • Easy to use
  • Internation model


  • No U.S Warranty
  • Does not work with CDMA Carriers (Verizon, Sprint, Boost)

4 Attributes To Look for When Choosing the Best Smartphone for the Money


Having significant storage is what allows you to properly use and save important documents and pictures on your device. When storage gets full quickly, not only will it hinder you from proficiently using your device but it will also significantly decrease your phones performance and you’ll find that the phone will load a lot slower and may even begin to freeze from time to time. You may have more flexibility if you can find a device that allows an expandable storage that can be added to your device.


In general, most phones will have the same base set of features but depending on what you will use your device for, some features may mean more to you than others. Having a great camera may mean more to some than having a large storage space. Usually, the less you pay for a phone the more limited your features will be but finding the features that are most important to you is going to give you the best chance at paying for a quality phone for a great price. 


Security in a cell phone can come in many different forms. If you are on a tight budget you may not be able to get an advance security feature like face recognition but all cell phones come with basic security features such as password protection and even fingerprint recognition for most. Having a safe browsing experience is also apart of having a device with good security. It may be wise to grab a virus protector for your device to avoid hackers potentially having access to your sensitive information like address information and logins.


This is probably a pretty important concern for you, which is why you’ve landed on this article. Prices of phones can greatly vary and each one of them coming with different features and specifications. Luckily, in recent years phones have become much more affordable while still including some of the features that are included in higher priced phones. On the market today, you can find a pretty decent phone starting from the $200 range. 


Not every good smartphone has to break the bank. There are plenty of smartphones available today that are inexpensive but still have a good amount of features to them. When you keep the price, storage, features and security in mind when purchasing a phone, there’s no way you can go wrong. 

All of the phones we reviewed are a great investment for their price but our top choice is the Xiaomi Redmi Notice 8. Not only does it have a smooth interface but it also has a decent amount of storage and an excellent camera, making this the best smartphone for the money from our list.