Best Portable Charger for an iPhone

Our semi automatic smartphones require additional juice to keep running without any interference! Especially when you are out of home or office. To address such problems, you need a beast that could efficiently charge your devices on the go. Thus, we've lined up a number of the finest iPhone power banks to you.

You'll find millions of mobile chargers for the iPhone out there. To find the perfect one, you will have to think about specs like battery capacity, recharge cycle, contour, and other features. Listed below are our favorite ultra-portable outside chargers.

The Top 5 Best Portable Charger for an iPhone

RAVPower Portable Power Bank with 26800mAh Battery

RAVPower has a gigantic 26800mAh battery that may charge an iPhone almost 10 times. It has three USB ports to allow you to control multiple devices on the go. The 5.5A present is good enough to allow you to power your iPhone at a quick speed.

The electricity charge also complies with security steps, which ensures full protection of your charging device in the event of any short circuits. Made of high-end materials and electrical components, this iPhone power bank is extremely durable and efficient.


Charges 3 devices simultaneously

Charges in just 14-15 hours 

Up to 9 days of power


USB ports push in easily and can break 

BESWILL Solar Power Bank

An eco friendly BESWILL Solar Power Bank for iPhone that doesn't compulsorily need a conventional power source. Simply put it in direct sunlight to control, a green pilot lamp will indicate charging status. In addition, it comprises five pilot lamps to indicate power bank standing.

The 8000mAh battery bank supports fast charging and will charge three digital devices simultaneously. A perfect companion for outdoor excursions, it charges itself from sunlight, juice-up your phone when required. In addition, it can also be a helpful light source if you’re hiking around at night because of the 21 in-built LEDs in  the back.


Solar powered

Bright LED lights

High powered built-in 8000mAh battery

Multiple charging ports 


Can’t be in the sun for too long


Power Bank with Flashlight from Bonai

Bonai is one of the reputed brands in regards to purchasing power solutions. The powerbank for your iPhone in the provider boasts a gigantic 30000mAh battery that will charge your device over a couple of times. Moreover, it also has an LED light which can be convenient while you're camping in reduced light.

It's 4 USB ports that allows you to charge a number of devices concurrently. Lastly, it is available in three distinct colors.


Backup battery charger included

4 USB Ports

Dust-resistant, durable metal body


Charges slower


Anker PowerCore Portable Charger With PowerIQ Technology

Every device is different and has its unique charging needs. The PowerIQ feature recognizes your device and provides the fastest possible charge accordingly. Moreover, a Trickle-Charging mode ensures even the low-power accessories get safe and fast charge.

The 20000mAh electricity bank supports simultaneous charging; with twin USB ports, it is possible to control two devices at once. Anker PowerCore also provides a MultiProtect safety system that keeps your device protected. 


High capacity

Free 18-month customer service 

Safety system included 


On the heavier side 

Some of the USB ports can malfunction without much damage 

 Heloideo 15000mAh Power Bank using AC Plug

The Heloideo 15000mAh Power Bank is a super useful portable charger that allows you to be able to charge your phone on-the-go without having to search for wires every time, making it a perfect asset at home and while traveling. It also accounts for regular charging systems and therefore athletics two ports as well.

The built-in charging cable supports fast charging. The inclusion of advanced power management technology ensures that your iPhone is entirely secure. Courtesy of the slender and compact design; you will not find any difficulty in carrying it out even in the smallest of l pockets.


15000mAh battery

Built-in AC adapter 

3 integrated functions


Charging cable is very short

Takes awhile to charge 

Attributes To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Portable Charger for an iPhone


The capacity that a portable charger has is going to determine how long it can hold its charge and then that will determine how effective it is when charging your phone. In terms of capacity, the number one3 detail to look for is the mAh battery power. Since you’ll be traveling with your portable device, having a significant amount of battery power is imperative, especially in the case of emergency situations. Look for a portable charger that has at least a 15000mAh, this will ensure that you have a fair amount of capacity, but if you feel like you need more don’t hesitate to pick up a charger with higher battery power. 

Number of Slots

While some portable chargers come with one slot to charge your phone, depending on your specific needs you may need more than just one USB slot. Some portable chargers come with multiple slots which makes it much easier to charge multiple devices simultaneously. But just like with any electronic, the more of it you have, the easier it is to get broken, also when charging multiple devices at the same time the battery tends to drain much faster than if you are just charging a single device, that's something to keep in mind. 




Portable chargers are usually pretty affordable. They can range in price from anywhere between $20- $200. There are a few features you should consider before coming to a decision on a price. Are you looking to charge one device or multiple? Will you be charging just your phone or are you looking to charge other devices like a laptop? Does it need to plug into the wall or can it be solar powered? 

These are all questions that you must ask yourself before pulling the trigger on a price. Of course, the more features you want in a portable charger, the more it’ll cost, but the key is to find that perfect blend between features and pricing. Start with what you absolutely have to have and then work your way down. 

Convenience and Durability

Its inevitable, a fall will occasionally happen and you don’t want your portable charger breaking just because of one accidental drop, so making sure that the charger is durable may seem insignificant when first searching but it will save you money in the long run. Convenience is also something that is overlooked because just the fact that you’re investing in a portable charger means that you’re thinking about convenience but what about how big or small the charger is? Will you be outdoor hiking with it? Does it come with a flashlight? These are all features to consider that adds to the overall convenience of your portable charger. 


There are plenty of portable chargers to choose from and they all have unique features about them. When choosing a portable charger for your iPhone you should be looking for some main components that will let you know if you are getting a quality charger. Being mindful of durability, convenience, capacity, number of slots and the price will steer you in the right direction and give you the proper criteria you need to choose a portable iPhone charger that is just right for you.