Best Cell Phone For Visually Impaired Seniors

For seniors who are visually impaired, the need to utilize low-visual configurations or built-in display readers inside their cell phones adds to the complexity of finding the perfect cell phone. Although modern-day smartphones have some of the greatest hardware, they may not be acceptable for a person with a visual handicap. If you are seeking to buy the ideal cell phone for visually impaired seniors, then we advise that you start looking for brands with low-vision preferences.

When it comes to seniors using a cell-phone, ease of use is a key feature to consider. For instance, a modern smartphone may be too intimidating for elderly users. Moreover, seniors with extremely low vision may struggle to work with a smartphone. In this article we are going to dive into the top five best cell phones for visually impaired seniors.


5 Best Cell Phone For Visually Impaired Seniors

Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone, SOS Button, Hearing Aid Compatible

The Snapfon ezTWO Senior unlocked GSM Cell Phone is a cell phone that is specifically made for seniors. It includes a talk time of 3-5 hours while having 90 - 120 hours of standby time. The big buttons allow for easy access while the enhanced volume works perfectly for seniors that are hard of hearing. Navigating through this phone is easier than ever with the speaking keypad and full color screen for easy viewing. The snapfon ezTWO also has an optional Mobile Monitoring Service that can transform into a life-saving device while giving family members peace of mind. With all of the features available for this phone makes it one of the best options for seniors.


Bluetooth enabled hearing aid compatible

3-5 hours of talk time

SOS button for emergencies

Low battery warning system


Does not work with CDMA Carriers (Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin)


Easyfone Prime A1 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone, Big Button Hearing Aids Compatible Easy-to-Use Basic Cell Phone with Charging Dock (Black)


The Easyfone Prime A1 phone is made with the classic flip design that allows you to answer calls once you flip it open. The external display lets you see who’s calling before flipping the phone up. This phone also comes with hearing aid compatibility and the powerful speakers allow for loud and clear hearing with every conversation. The quick switch flashlight makes moving around in the dark much easier as the flashlight has a 50-100m torch. The big clear backlit keyboard along with the big font makes this phone extremely easy to navigate. Also included with the Easyfone is a cradle charger that makes charging this phone super simple and excellent for elders. An excellent option for seniors with accessories and features included that are perfect for older users. 


SOS Emergency Button 

Bright flashlight included

Cradle charger included

External display


SOS is in a spot that is easy to hit accidentally 

Can have some difficulty connecting to certain networks


Ushining 2G Senior Unlocked Feature Phone T-Mobile GSM Cell Phone Dual Card Dual Standby Unlocked Cell Phone Easy to Use Basic Phone for The Elderly (Black)

If you’re looking for a cell phone that is reliable and have features that are included specifically for seniors, the Ushining 2G Cell Phone is a great option. The ergonomic design of this phone makes it perfect for the elderly because if the easier handling. The specific make of this phone also makes it extremely sturdy and durable. You can talk to your loved ones for as long as needed with up to 4 hours of talk time and a 800mAh battery that is sure to last for hours. The operating system is very easy to use and the additional features like the calculator, alarm clock, calendar, and the memory extend all contribute to making the Ushining an affordable and reliable option for seniors.


Dural card ability

Comes with a lot of features

Long standby time 


Only supports 2G

Does not get reception in some areas where other phones would


Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Graphite) by GreatCall

The Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone is a cell phone for seniors with an award-winning customer support that is 100% U.S. Based. You can activate the Jitterbug and still keep your current number. The dialing and navigation on this phone proves to be effortless due to the big buttons and large, legible numbers. The one-touch access to the 55 star button allows for immediate access to health and safety experts with the touch of a button. One of the best attributes of the Jitterbug is that there are no long-term contracts or commitments involved with their nationwide network and their plans start at just $14.99 a month, making it perfect for seniors. 


U.S. based customer service

Flexible plans

Comes with a cradle charger dock 


Difficult time getting disconnected 

Cost start to pile up when activating the service


Mosthink Unlocked Cell Phones for Elderly People, Unlocked Cell Phone for Seniors SOS Senior Phone Senior Cell Phone with Big Buttons and High Volume, Easy To Use Basic Phone 3G AT&T Compatible

The Mosthink Unlocked Cell Phone is a great cell phone for seniors that come with no contracts or credit checks and works with all AT&T and T-Mobile postpaid and prepaid cards. The big buttons makes navigating and operating this phone easy and the long-lasting battery will ensure that you can use this phone for hours of talk time. Included is a powerful speaker that makes every conversation loud and clear and an SOS emergency button that not only alerts emergency services but also friends and family. A device that can not only allow you to effectively communicate with your loved ones but can also act as a source of protection for the elderly.


Loud and clear speakers

Sim card adapter included

Charging stand included 


Reception can be poor

Programming is difficult for an elderly person

5 Qualities To Look For In A Cell Phone For Visually Impaired Seniors

In general, most cell phones have a lot of the same qualities but when looking for cell phones specifically made for seniors there are a few key attributes you should keep in mind to ensure that you are getting the best phone for the money.

Screen Size and Contrast

Having a larger screen means much better visibility. Some cell phones will include settings that increase font size for easier reading. A screen with a sharp, adjustable contrast, often seen in smartphones, will make a substantial difference in how simple it is to see text and can be easier on the eyes for the visually impaired.

Button Size and Style

For visually impaired seniors, having bigger buttons is definitely a plus and can help significantly when trying to send a text, dial numbers or navigate through their phone. The actual style of the buttons will depend on the exact model of the phone and whether the phone is touchscreen or not.    

Voice Feature

A cell phones ability to detect speech is utterly important when someone elderly is using the device. We suggest that you consider a mobile phone's ability to recognize speech. The majority of modern smartphones incorporate digital audio recognition and a digital assistant attribute. A few special cell phones for visually impaired seniors have a voice to text recognition along with the capacity to read aloud letters and numbers.

Battery Life

It may be difficult for a senior to get back and forth to continuously charge their phone, so having a phone with a long-lasting battery is an important feature to have. For even more convenience, having a wireless charging stand will make it much easier to charge the phone, as it does not require bending down to plug the charger into an outlet, which can prove to be a difficult task for someone elderly. 


The chances of an elderly person dropping their phone is much higher because of their age. Making sure to get a durable phone will not only be better for the senior but will also stretch your money further by you not having continuously purchase new phones. 

Ease of use

Depending on the ability of the elder you're buying the phone for, the cell phone's ease of usage could be crucial. Some seniors frequently favor basic phones because they find modern telephones intimidating. We recommend that you look to a telephone's intuitiveness before purchasing.

The above mentioned are all critical features to consider when purchasing a mobile phone for visually impaired seniors. But depending on the needs of this end-user, you will find other vital features to Take into Account, such as:

Panic Buttons or SOS

Lots of the low-vision and senior-friendly cell phones have panic or SOS switches. Panic buttons allow end-users to contact their emergency telephone or emergency providers by pressing on the key. The SOS button may lead to an amazing peace of mind.

Excellent Audio

Someone with bad vision will do more listening than watching; therefore having a mobile phone with an excellent speaker is highly beneficial for seniors.

 Mobile Phones are an essential tool that everyone needs  for powerful communication. As people are different, they will also have different technology needs. Our listing for the best cell phone for visually reduced seniors ensures there's something for everybody. When searching for that perfect cell phone for an elder you just need to make sure that you keep in mind some critical features such as the ease of use, durability, screen size and button size. All of these attributes will guarantee that you get a reliable and trustworthy phone that allows for a senior to communicate efficiently despite any disabilities.



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