Best Cell Phone Case For Drop Protection


It happens to everyone, maybe you go to reach for your phone, or you pull it out of your pocket and then, boom! Your phone falls face down and then as your picking up your phone you slowly turn it around, just to find out that your screen is cracked. This doesn't have to be you.

Avoiding this problem is just as easy as purchasing a phone case, but not all phone cases are made equal. While some cases are made for water protection, others are made for drop protection. We have field tested dozens of cases and in this guide, we'll be diving into the best cell phone cases for drop protection.

The Top 5 Best Cell Phone Cases For Drop Protection

Magnetic Absorption iPhone Case with Clear Tempered Glass Cover | iPhone 11 Pro Max X XR XS MAX 8 7

If you're looking for a case that is capable of protecting your phone from hard drops, the Magnetic Absorption iPhone Case is the best in its class. This case is crafted with Grade A aluminum and has a full body metal frame which ensures protection from not just drops, but scratches and bumps. Easy installation allows for you to effortlessly install or remove your phone as needed and with the True View technology you're able to see your screen in its entirety. Touch ID is still accessible and you can still use your wireless charging stand even with the case on. Overall, an excellent, high-quality case that is sure to protect your phone from drops.


  • Completely drop protected
  • Easy installation
  • No blind spots on your screen

Case supports Touch ID and wireless charging even with the case on


  • Pricey

iPhone 11 Cell Phone Case - Mavis's Diary Dual Layer Rugged Ultra Thin Clear Hard Cover with Built-in Anti-Scratch Screen Protector, Full Body Protective Shock Drop Proof Impact Resist Case, Black

The Mavis's Diary Dual Layer Rugged Hard Cover Case is a great solution for those who are looking for a drop resistant case for their iPhone 11. This case has passed the Military Drop Test and has a two-layer, built-in protection that is designed to absorb shock. The built-in screen protector prevents scuff marks and scratches while still being sensitive enough to respond to touch with no extra force. This case also includes precise cutouts so there's no inconvenience when trying to access ports. The durability of the Mavis's Diary Case allows for it to last 4x longer than a regular case. A case that is sure to protect your phone from the highest of drops.


  • 360 degrees of full body protection
  • Lasts 4x longer than other cases
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Screen protector is made to protect from scuffs and scratches


  • Plastic does scratch a little

iPhone XR Case | Military Grade | 12ft. Drop Tested Protective Case | Kickstand | Wireless Charging | Compatible with Apple iPhone XR - Black

The iPhone XR Case is perfect if you're looking for a case that has some extra features included. The multiple layer design in conjunction with the polycarbonate outer shell provides your phone with heavy duty protection that is Military Grade and certified to protect your phone. You'll enjoy the built-in kickstand making your phone hands-free and with the 10 different color variations, you'll have a wide variety of designs to choose from.


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Durable screen protector
  • 10 color variations


  • Side buttons gets stiff with the case on
  • Holster is low-quality

YOUMAKER Case for iPhone 8 & iPhone 7, Rose Gold Full Body with Built-in Screen Protector Heavy Duty Protection Shockproof Slim Fit Cover for Apple iPhone 8 (2017) / iPhone 7 (2016) 4.7 Inch - RG/Grey

If you're looking for a case that is extremely durable while still being ergonomic, the YOUMAKER Case is a great option. This case offers improved functionality because of its lightweight and accurate port design. This case is composed of 3 Thermoplastic Polyure layers which provides a shock proof protection while the 360 degree rugged body, with an included raised lip for extra screen and camera protection keeps your phone completely protected. The YOUMAKER Case also includes the highest grade TPU material which reveals the flawless blend of heightened user experience and protection.


  • Slim fit increases functionality
  • TPU material enhances durability
  • Excellent user experience


  • Case can be difficult to put on
  • Gets dirty easily

FITFORT iPhone XR Case Full Body Rugged Case with Built-in Touch Sensitive Anti-Scratch Screen Protector, Ultra Thin Clear Shock Drop Proof Impact Resist Extreme Durable Protective Cover

The FITFORT iPhone XR Case is a transparent, shock-absorption cell phone case that is dirt proof, dust proof and has an unmatched exterior that can handle being dropped from up to 6.5 ft. The precise cutouts allow you easy access to every available function including the fingerprint response key and the port. The air cushion helps this case to absorb shock while still being able to charge wirelessly while the case is on. The clear design not only looks great but allows for an HD clarity viewing experience.



Clear design allows for full HD viewing

High-Grade PC


  • Easy for dirt to fall into
  • Feels cheap
  • Screen protector scratches easily

4 Attributes To Consider When Choosing a Cell Phone Case For Drop Protection



We spend good money on our phones and the last thing we want is to drop our phone and break it, especially if we didn't feel like paying the extra money for insurance. Phone casing companies will usually use TPE rubber because it is highly durable and can handle repeated abuse. Look for cases that have a soft interior and a hard exterior, this will ensure that if your phone does happen to drop, it much less likely to incur damage, due to the soft interior.

The actual case isn't the only thing that needs to be durable, but the screen protector as well. This is also an instance where the screen-facing side of the protector should be smooth enough not to damage the screen but the exterior hard enough to protect the screen from scratches. Another potential issue to check for is how easily the protector scratches on the side that is not facing the phone screen as this can give you a bad viewing experience once there are too many scratches on it.

Firm Staples

A phone case with firm staples does not only a great job of protecting your phone but gives it a slim design. These types of cases are for those who want more of an ergonomic case thats less bulky and easier to slip in and out of your pocket. These type of cases provide a minimalistic approach to the design which makes handling your phone much easier.

Antimicrobial Capabilities

There are an unbelievable amount of germs that are around us daily and on average, your phone case has about 7 times more bacteria than your toilet seat, gross right? You probably touch your phone more times a day than you can count.

Although, there are lots of cases out there that advertise as being anti-microbial, they are not all created equally. You need a case that completely inhibits the growth of bacteria. This will ensure that you are protected from all of the germs you can't see.

Lifestyle Calibration

If you are a person that is on the go or has a pretty active daily lifestyle, you may need more protection than someone who is in the office for most of the day. This means getting a case that has an extra layer of protection, not just in the form of drops but also in the form of bacteria and moisture.


There are a lot of cell phone cases that are currently available and they all have their pros and cons to them. Which type of case you choose will be in direct correlation of what you do during your daily life.

If you are stationary for most of the day, while you'll still need protection, you may not need as much protection as someone who is constantly moving. If you are one of those people who have more of an active daily lifestyle, you'll need attributes like double-layer exterior protection, reinforced screen protection and anti-microbial properties to get the most out of your cell phone case.